Technical Regulations


Homologation Form (KZ-R1-TM-041-EZ-75)

Homologation Form (TM KZ10 – TM 49-M-18C)

Homologation Form (TM KZ10C – TM-32-M-24)

Homologation List (TM KZ10 V1.3 TM-49-M-18)

Homologation List (TM KZ10-C V1.2 TM-32-M-24)

Engine KZ-R1 – TM Spare List (TM 125CC KZ – TM KZ-R 041-EZ-75 Parts Catalogue)

Appendex A Data Sheet 97/3 Solid Wire

Appendex B Data Sheet 97/3 Solid Wire

Appendex C (Where to measure)

Appendix 1 (Appendices to the Technical Regulations – Measuring Combustion)

Appendix 7 (Spark Plugs Complying and Non-Complying)

Technical Drawing Number 6 (Plug Insert for the Combustion Chamber Volume Measurement)

Technical Drawing Number 7 (KZ1 and KZ2 Carburettor for the CIK-FIA Championships Cups and Trophies from 2019-2021)

Technical Drawing Number 18 (Opening Angles Wedge)

Technical Drawing Number 20 (Fitting of the exhaust and Silencer)