Excitement is building

After a fantastic event, Round 1 of the Northern Regions ROK Cup Regional championship, there is great excitement and anticipation building in the air. Will the 1st South African karting national for 2019 in the ROK Cup SA series reach 100+ entries?

This will be a massive milestone for the Series and Karting as a whole in South Africa. Based on the turn out for the 1st ROK Cup event two weeks earlier with 80 participants for the regional event, this certainly is possible. After opening registrations for this event and within 24 hours, the halfway mark to this number has almost been reached.

Of the best karting talent from South Africa will be on show at Vereeniging Kart Circuit on the 15th & 16th of March. Multiple regional, national and international title holders will partake in the fight for their 1st or additional National title across 4 rounds. Also up for the taking is the opportunity to participate and fly the South African flag at the ROK Cup International Final later in October this year at “The Temple of Racing in Lonato” Italy.

The silence before storm – Vereeniging Kart Circuit