Code of Conduct

Rok Cup SA Participants Code of Conduct

1) All participants are responsible for ensuring that their conduct isrespectful and promotes a positive environment. Participants play a majorpart in setting the culture for the sport and participants must conductthemselves, at all times and in all places, in a manner that befitsrepresentatives of the series and in accordance with the best traditions ofsporting competition.

2) All drivers are responsible for having full knowledge of, andadhering to, the regulations, rules and procedures.

3) All participants shall maintain the highest standards of moral andethical conduct which includes displaying self-control and responsiblebehaviour, consideration being had for the physical and emotional well-beingof others.  Drivers and participants are expected to be courteous of eachother at all times and to treat opponents with respect.

4) All drivers shall abstain completely from the consumption of drugsand/or alcohol.

5) No driver or participant shall engage in any conduct that could beperceived as harassment of anykind.

6) All drivers and participants must avoid using profane or abusivelanguage and engaging indisruptive behaviour.

7) All drivers shall respect and obey the directives of the raceofficials and ROK CUP SA Promotions, including its owners, officers,directors, employees, and agents and shall refrain from any and all threatsof retaliation and lawsuits. If a driver wishes to raise an issue with anofficial it shall be done in a professional and courteous manner using theacceptable channels.

8) All drivers and participants must respect the rights and dignity offellow drivers and the public at alltimes during race events.

9) All drivers and participants shall refrain from making abusive,uncomplimentary, defamatory, ordisrespectful comments on any social mediaplatform or group platform regarding other drivers, race officials,organisers, the series or any person or entity associated with the series.


Failure to comply with any of the above provisions may lead to disciplinaryaction being taken against an offending driver or participant which mayinclude, but may not be limited to, one or all of thefollowing:

–      Temporary or permanent exclusion from the competition.

–      Removal from the race premises for the duration of an event.

–      Permanent ban from all activities.

–      Or any other restriction appropriate under the circumstances.