4 Days till kick off of the ROK Cup SA championship

With less than 5 days to go the 1st of the 4 round ROK CUP SA Championship will kick off at Lazerfiche Kart circuit in Vereeniging.

With Mini-Rok being one of South African karting success stories of the past few years it is again expected to see a field of 25+ karts on the grid fighting for a national title and possible international stardom. Not only the sharp end of the field will be noticed and awarded but recognition and prizes are also up for grabs for the u/10 competitors in the category.

Leyton Fourie (Tonykart) will be hoping to conquer the illusive Mini-Rok title this year that he came so close to in the 2017 season, but the likes of Jarrod Waberski (Praga), Nick Roos (Kosmic), Jordan Brooks (BirelArt), Kenzo Barnard (Kosmic), Tristan Coertze (Kosmic), Muhammed Wally (CRG) and a field of 20 others will like to put a spanner in the works, so to speak. One thing is for sure the racing is going to be close and tough.

ROK Cup SA promotors have changed the dynamic of karting in South Africa by introducing 3 categories this year that works on a ballot system. For a long time this or an engine buyout system have been a discussion point that competitors felt is necessary to keep the playing field level. Now it has arrived.

2017 seen the introduction of the MSA Academy utilising this system as implemented in the CIK Academy class in Europe. 2018 will have 2 additional classes based in the same principle, the Micro ROK class and DVS. No more need for capital outlay, handpicked engines or the need to own multiple power units and accessories in order to be competitive. All engines are controlled by the importers and issued to competitors via ballot system and also again swapped during the day’s competition to ensure equal and fair competition.

In the Micro Rok class Luke Hill have indicated he is up for the challenge in 2018 but will have a host of other hopefuls for the title breathing down his neck.

After proving the concept and success the class provided in 2017, 2018 is set to be an even more hotly contested title for the MSA Academy ROK Cup SA title. With the 4 round ROK Cup SA forming part of the 6 round MSA Academy Trophy the contestants have an opportunity to two titles and two massive international racing opportunities.

The class have attracted some international attention in the form of Zachary Dufty and Rodrico Almeida that will be facing off against a dominant field South Africans. Leyton Fourie (Tony Kart), Danielle Patrizi (Kosmic), Jayden Els (CRG), Kwanda Mokoena (FA Kart), Tiffany Napier (BirelArt), Joseph Ellerine (Kosmic), Tate Bishop (Kosmic) and Joshua Coertze (Kosmic) with 10 others will like nothing more to come out on top to claim the ROK Cup SA title and a seat in the ROK International Final.

The DVS class has the potential, speed and pure power to become the premier class in South Africa in a very short time. Luke Herring (Kosmic), Liam Pinaar (Birel ART), Blaine Rademeyer (FA Kart), Dino Stermin (Kosmic), Sebastian Boyd (Praga), Fabiene Lanz (Formula K), Jordan North (Kosmic), Jason Coetzee (CRG) and Daniel Duminy (Tony Kart) is a few names that will want to get their names in the history books for the 1st driver to win this ROK Cup SA title. Sebastian Boyd finished 4th  in the 2017 International final so he must be one of the favourites to put your money on.

There might also be some guest appearances by former national champions in the form of Simon Moss, Chassen Bright, Arnold Neveling, Nathan Parkins, Stuwie White, Cameron O’Connor, and Clinton Bezuidenhout to name a few that will try out this beast in competition conditions.

A big field of GP125 6 speed gearbox karts will provide plenty action. these are some of SA’s most experienced drivers in the field.  Scott Falconer, Kyle Lawrence, Wayne Masters, Miguel and Paulo Diaz, Clint Jones and many more well recognized name in the sport will be on track fighting it out to the top spot.

Lastly a reminder that the prize giving for the 2017 Rok Cup SA prize winners will take place right after the day’s proceedings and prize giving. We request that the below competitors be present to receive their prizes.

Mirco Rok

  • Simile Zamxaka
  • Nteko Ngobeni
  • Ashton Martin

Mini Rok

  • Kanda Mokoena
  • Leyton Fourie
  • Kyle Visser

MSA Academy Trophy

  • Jordan North
  • Wayland Wyman
  • Joshua Coertze

Entries close soon, so if you still want to be part of making South African Karting History in 2018 hurry and enter online @ www.rokcup.co.za